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Welcome to This website will give you far more than just a Thai Baht Currency Convertor. Although we do have one off those.

The currency convertor on is as upto date as possible, it updates every 30mins, so please feel free to use it. But, this website goes further, we will give you an idea on how much you will need to spend a day, Thailand used to be considered a cheap holiday destination, but with the exchange rates those days are past.

We have produced exhange rate cards for the major currencies for you to download and print out, they will come in handy especially when haggling over the cost of fake Breitling watches etc. These a only rough guides so please dont go buying Thai Baht on the strength of them.

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Thai Baht Exchange Rate Cards

Click on the image and print them out, it may seem to you pointless. But, it beats sitting there under the burning sun scratching your head trying to remember your third grade multiplication tables. They are credit card size so will fit in you wallet. Sorry about the Advert for Kelly Hotel, But they are paying for the site :)

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